About The Remedy Technique
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DISCLAIMER: I do NOT sell just the book; as the modality is the book. (payment plans are available)


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Emily Duncan, Founder

The remedy Technique is a new Energy Healing technique from Essence Healing designed to help even the newest of energy healers! The simplicity of the craft, paired with the depth of the content, makes it perfect for not only the beginners but also advanced energy healers! You can use this technique to heal yourself, groups, and others! Whether you are interested in charging and making your career, or just choosing to help yourself and your family, the remedy technique is an amazing tool that will truly benefit your life!


Learn anywhere, anytime

The best part about the remedy technique is your ability to be anywhere in the world, and still have access to learn this amazing modality! Our conviniant online courses are designed for the most technically challaged! Emily, and her team are backed up with loads of information to answer your questions so you feel well informed and educated the whole time! You even get connected to our amazing Facebook Chatroom for one on one requests and questions!

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